by Nabanita Dutt

Law Of Attraction: The Root Principle Of A Happy Life


At its core, Law Of Attraction is a very simple idea: “What you think of is what you experience”.

If you’re thinking negative thoughts, the Law Of Attraction will invite negative events into your life. If you’re thinking positive thoughts, the Law Of Attraction will bring positive experiences into your life.

So why is Law Of Attraction so difficult to practice? And why do people who want to live with awareness of the principle fail so often at making their deepest desires come true?

The reason is this: our chronic negative thought patterns and chronic negative self-beliefs throw a spanner in the works.

Using the Law Of Attraction to your advantage means you have to be able to remove self-doubt and self-criticism completely from the equation. Because as long as doubts underscore your deepest desires, and you secretly feel you’re not truly worthy of achieving a dream, Law Of Attraction will keep sending you more evidence that this negative thought pattern is indeed true.

We cannot manifest anything positive if we secretly believe we’re unworthy of it. So it all goes back to working on ourselves first, before we can resonate at the same high frequency of our desires, and manifest them into our lives.

You cannot bring more love into your life, for example, if you harbor a chronic, subconscious idea that you’re unlovable. Law of Attraction will only bring you more examples that validate that idea, and no matter how much positive thinking you try to do to offset it, you will still be resonating at an “I am not lovable” frequency. And your life events will confirm it.

The `I AM’ practice is such a vital and holistic self-improvement tool for just this reason. By using I AM affirmations, we can bring true transformation of our self-image, that in turn raises our positive feelings with authenticity to such a place that Law Of Attraction can actually work in our favor without hindrance or obstruction.

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