What Parents Say About Heart-Love

Heart Love Testiminials

Chad Hudson

Syracuse, New York
• As a single dad, I have been struggling to raise a 12-year-old girl on my own for the last three years. I started using the Heart-Love `I AM’ Technique as a way to do something constructive with my daughter as well as spend more time with her. After 3 months of living and practicing with the Heart-Love Pillow, I find that the two have become inseparable. The techniques are easier to practice because Mangie (her Heart-Love Pillow) participates in the daily sessions, and she’s showing remarkable improvement in her journey to recover from the withdrawal and loneliness that followed her mother’s passing.

Tina Brady

Seattle, Washington
• The self-awareness exercises on this website require the plushies. My grandkids love decorating their heart plushie with smiley faces and post-it notes. The Heart-Love techniques seem more fun to them because they enjoy the playful aspects of the exercise. I don’t think they would have fully understood the principles of the Heart-Love connection if the plushies weren’t there to demonstrate all the techniques in such child-friendly ways. As a rule, they don’t touch their pillow outside of practice time, so as not to dilute its significance, and this makes the kids even more interested in doing a short, pillow ritual every day.

Alicia Ellen

Puyallup, Washington
• I got a pillow for myself too, and the Heart-Love practices are benefiting me as an adult as much as my children. When I hold the pillow to my heart as I say my daily I AM affirmations, the feel of its soft, heart shape calms my busy mind and stops the mental chatter for a few minutes, so I can fully concentrate on the feelings of expansion and joy that comes from the utterance of every I AM statement. After 6 weeks of daily practice with my daughter, I am waking up every morning feeling more positive about the challenges of the day. So yes, the pillow is very effective for adults too!