by Nabanita Dutt

Why `I AM’ Is Such A Powerful Practice For Children


Two of the most powerful words that any human being can use to change unwanted, negative conditions in their reality is: I AM.

The practice of speaking positive `I AM’ statements – such as “I am worthy”, “I am fulfilled”, “I am content”, “I am lovable” etc. – re-channels our neurological, heart-brain pathways and brings positive changes at a deep, cellular level.

To fully understand this phenomenon, we have to understand several key factors at play, that contribute to make the `I AM’ miracle happen:

We Are What We Think And Believe

From a very young age, we develop a sense of who we are. Usually, this sense is not born out of true self-awareness, but the opinion of others that is foisted on us.

Instincts of self-preservation, that has been baked into our DNA from the early days of evolution, renders us more susceptible to negative signals than positive signals because that is where the dangers lie. So we’re more sensitive to critical feedback from others, and use that negative information to decide who we are.

This negative information becomes chronic thought patterns that encourage disempowering `I AM’ ideas to take root in our mind – such as “I am ugly”, “I am stupid”, “I am unlovable”, “I am unlucky” etc. Over time, these ideas form neurological pathways in the brain that become our default state of self-awareness. The pathways get so deeply entrenched that we cannot form newer, better, more positive opinions because our rational minds immediately reject those good ideas about ourselves as “untrue”.

You simply cannot jump from a chronic belief that you are ugly to a new belief that you are indeed beautiful, because the distance is too great. The change has to happen gradually, and brand new pathways can only be established with practice, practice, practice.

How Does Practicing `I AM’ Statements Help Us Change?

Science calls it `brain plasticity’. It is the ability of the brain to modify its connections and re-write itself.

When we practice saying positive `I AM’ statements for a few minutes every day, our brain gradually begins to accept that information to be true.


Because the brain cannot differentiate between `truth’ and `untruth’. It can only read and understand signals we send it, via our thoughts, emotions and feelings.

When `I AM’ statements are practiced with an open heart, and we take joy in the imminent transformation, the brain accepts those signals to be true. And with time, it develops fresh thought channels that communicate those positive messages throughout our being.

What happens then?

Our rational mind gives up the battle to preserve the old, negative belief systems and accept the new ones to be true. You will know this yourself because as you keep practicing `I AM’ statements, they will begin to seem more and more authentic. Your inner being, your heart and your subconscious mind will resonate with the new information – and miraculous transformations will finally take place in your life experiences.

You will feel peaceful, content and balanced within your deep subconscious mind because you now believe the `I AM’ statements you have been practicing, and life events will match up to your new reality because the Law Of Attraction will manifests things into your experience that reflect your thought and feeling patterns.

To understand the basics of Law Of Attraction, and how it applies to the `I AM’ practice, click here.

Why Does The `I AM’ Practice Work So Well With Children?

Children are better equipped to live in the present, unlike adults who are constantly embroiled in stress and worry, thinking about the baggage of the past or the problems of the future.

The only reality in children’s life is the `now’ – and magical transformations can only happen in the `now’ because that is all we really have. The past will never return and the future has not happened. We can only control, and change, the `now’.

Add to this, the fact that children’s hearts and brains are not weighed down with cynicism and ominous extrapolations. They are not jaded, worn and torn by negative life experiences. They’re more open to accept new information imparted through the `I AM’ practice. And they are not averse to `imagining’.

Starting your children off with the `I AM’ practice at an early age gives them self-improvement and self-awareness tools that stop emotional trauma and emotional detritus from solidifying in their subconscious minds. Instead of letting negative ideas about themselves take root, they can begin their journey into adulthood with true awareness of their self-worth and open their hearts to give and receive love without doubts, fears or reservations.

Their internal guidance system is balanced and always in expectation of the highest good. And they mature into generous, heart-brain connected adults who are going to be the greatest instruments of peace, unconditional love and global change.