by Nabanita Dutt

How To Connect With Your Kids Through Heart-Love


When one in five children respond to a stress survey saying they believe they suffer from chronic stress, it is time for parents to look closely at their own kids for stress-related symptoms that are disconnecting them from their own internal guidance systems.

A holistic approach to child development is the need of the hour, and putting children in touch with their heart-brain connection through Heart-Love Practices is the most effective way to re-establish internal balance and harmony.

There are many methods you can choose from to introduce your kids to self-awareness and self-empowerment. At, we simplify the spiritual journey with a variety of Heart Love Plushie practices that are easy, fun and fascinating for both parent and child.

But in order to encourage children to open their hearts and calm their minds enough to benefit from these grounding practices, you have to first prepare them. Here are all the helpful tips you need to start this journey with your child today:

# 1: Lead By Example

• Children like to emulate their parents. Participate in the Heart Love Practices as much for yourself as for your children, and they will soon want to join in too!

# 2: Make It Fun And Easy

• The Heart Love Practices have already been designed to appeal to children. Choose the ones that you think your kids will find most enjoyable and make them a daily ritual in your lives.

# 3: Make The Occasions Special

• Designate a special room where the daily heart-love practice will take place every day. Introduce a suitable ambience, like Heart-Love music, candles, healing crystals,essential oils etc. to mark the occasion with spiritual significance. Kids love details and the practice will seem more important than ever because you’re according so much importance to it.

# 4: Make The Timing Non-Negotiable

• School education nourishes the brain. Spiritual practices nourish the heart. Be mindful of the need for both. Create a timetable for heart-love exercises and don’t compromise it for extra playtime or extra TV-watching time. Most of the Heart-Love Practices take just a few minutes anyway, so they are easy to incorporate into your children’s schedule without much disruption.

# 5: Keep It Short At First

• Make the induction process gentle and gradual. Choose a heart-love practice, such as the I AM affirmations, and do it together for just 3-5 minutes a day. As the children get more comfortable with focusing, extend the session by adding more practices. Don’t push. The sessions are supposed to be peaceful and fun.

# 6: Seem Noticeably Happy Afterwards

• Make visible demonstrations of how good you are feeling after a session. This will encourage children to look for – and find – their own internal happiness afterwards, and keep them interested in the process.

# 7: Keep Expectations Realistic

• Some children resonate with the feelings of love, awareness and harmony that heart-love engenders almost immediately. Other take more time to settle into them. This happens with adults as well, because each individual’s spiritual journey is different. Stay on course with the practices and don’t give up if your child is having trouble concentrating early on. Within 6-8 weeks, you will notice remarkable transformation.