by Nabanita Dutt

Practice `I AM’ Affirmations With The Heart-Love Plushie


I AM affirmations – a list of positive statements said with confidence about oneself — have helped thousands of people make significant changes in their lives. From defeat and despair, they have affirmed their way to optimism and hope, and re-established their heart-brain connection along positive neurological pathways that did not exist before.

The practice of saying `I AM’ affirmations on a daily basis re-programs the mind into believing that the statements are actually true. And when that happens, the previous negative belief system we had about ourselves begins to dissipate.


The principle reason why `I AM’ affirmations are so effective is because the human brain cannot tell the difference between reality and illusion. It reads feelings and emotions and accepts every single one of them to be true. So when we consciously stop our chronic negative thought patterns, and use `I AM’ statements to feel and think ourselves into a good, positive place, the brain gradually accepts that message to be true as well.

Children benefit greatly from the `I AM’ affirmation practice because their subconscious mind is still at a formative stage. They don’t have to fight as hard as adults to break old, negative thought patterns that have solidified over the years, and they are more open to the idea of `imagining’.

By starting the `I AM’ self-regulation technique while they are young, you are giving them a tool for happiness and self-esteem that they can use for the rest of their lives.

The `I AM’ practice should be done by children for 3 minutes at a time. Experiments have proved that a short, 3-minute `I AM’ practice not only brings immediate benefits of coherence but it also promotes an improved and balanced state of mind for the next 6 hours.

The `I AM’ practice can be used for yourself and your child before bed, at awakening or as needed during times of stress. Whenever you feel there is an opportune moment to create a network of positivity and coherence that allows love and authenticity to flow, do the `I AM’ practice and see what a world of difference the powerful `I AM’ affirmation statements make.

Here’s how to do it:

Step #1:

• Breathe deep and slow, as you focus attention on the heart (have the child hold the Heart Love Plushie to the chest to guide the focus). Inhale on 5 counts… exhale on 5 counts.

Step # 2:

• Think of love, caring, gratitude and compassion. You may guide your child by reminding him/her of situations where those sentiments were prevalent. And how good they felt.

Step # 3:

• Let this healing energy spread to all the cells in the body, then send to places and people who you feel need the love. Expand this energy into your neighborhood, your city and into the Universe.

Step # 4:

• Now speak your favorite I AM’s into existence. For example:

1) I AM Happy

2) I AM Secure

3) I AM Loved

4) I AM Confident

5) I AM Beautiful

6) I AM Powerful

7) I AM Kind

8) I AM Grateful