by Nabanita Dutt

Help Children Release Negative Emotions With The Heart-Love Pillow


School days are not always fun days.

Bad things happen in school — misunderstandings with best friends, playground fights with classmates, bad grades from teachers – and kids often come back home with a heart full of negative feelings that they don’t know how to process.

A common instinct in many children is to either bottle up these negative feelings or try to conceal them by acting out with parents and siblings. Bad behavior, television and video games are the three easiest recourses they can find to re-direct pent-up feelings, because they have no tools to help them regulate their own emotions.

When negative feelings are left unresolved in the heart like this, they add up to create a stockpile of bad energy in the subconscious mind. What’s even worse, children use these bad experiences to measure their self-value – and decide they are unworthy.

Without heart-love guidance, it is an unfortunate fact that most kids develop insecurities and negative ideas about who they are because of unresolved incidents that happened in their childhood.

One they learn how to face these incidents with heart-love principles, they can truly heal and move on with minimum emotional scarring.

And the Heart-Love Pillow is a very effective tool to practice emotional purging on a regular basis.

How To Use The Heart-Love Pillow As A Purging Tool

Step # 1:

• When children come home looking sullen, worried, angry or upset, don’t pressure them to disclose their secrets to you if they seem resistant to the idea. All children are not comfortable with sharing their deepest fears, hurts and frustrations with another human being right off the bat.

Instead, ask your child to measure how they feel on a scale of 1 to 10. You will probably get an answer of 8 or 9 or maybe even 10, because a misunderstanding with a best friend can feel like the end of the world in young minds.

Step # 2:

• Ask the child to bring the Heart-Love Pillow. Explain that the pillow is a `safe friend’ who will never disclose secrets, so it can safely be told everything.

Step # 3:

• Leave the room and let the child have an honest heart-to-heart with the pillow with no fear of being overheard.

Step # 4:

• After a suitable period of time has passed, return to the room, and let the child understand that the Heart-Love Pillow has now taken charge of the problem, so it is no longer living in his/her heart.

Step # 5:

• Next step is to perform a little ritual to cleanse the bad energy from the pillow. This can be done is many ways. For example:

1) Setting the pillow out in the moonlight.

2) Placing a white clear crystal quartz or a piece of rose quartz on top of the pillow.

3) Smudging’ with sage incense.

4) The child could even write a petition on a piece of paper that tells the Heart-Love Pillow to banish all the sadness for him/her.

Step # 6:

• When that is done, and the Heart Love Pillow is `clean’ again, do a deep breathing exercise for a few minutes with your child. Encourage the child to see a white `happy’ light emerge from the pillow and enter his/her own heart with each deep inhale, flooding it with white light.

Step # 7:

• Ask the child to measure the weight of the negative feeling in his/her heart. The answer will astonish you.

Why Purging Negative Emotions With The Heart-Love Pillow Is So Effective

• Children have suggestive minds, and it is easy for them to grasp the notion of the pillow as a spiritual companion with special healing (magic?) powers.

• They feel `safe’ to talk to the pillow, the same way they would with a favorite toy or a doll.

• The cleansing ceremony shows them `proof’ that the Heart Love Pillow is doing its work to remove the negativity.

• A few minutes of quiet, meditative breathing with the white light afterwards, calms the heart, relaxes the brain and re-establishes the heart-brain connection. And the exercise is immediately followed by a sense of deep peace and lightening of the spirit.

• The more you encourage your child to purge negativity with the help of the Heart love Pillow, the more open he/she will become to the idea of sharing problems and bringing negative feelings out in the open – in a place where, as a parent, you can help deal with them.