by Nabanita Dutt

How To Use Healing Essential Oils With Heart-Love Practices


More and more parents are trying to counteract the chronic emotional patterns in their children with natural remedies these days. The benefits of using essential oils as healing aromatherapy is pretty well-known, but it is only recently that their beneficial impacts on children are being more deeply explored.

When combined with any kind of spiritual healing practice, the emotional and physical wellness that essential oils impart can be truly life-changing. Pure essential oils are far more powerful than the botanicals from which they come, and they help children connect deeply and avoid distractions during the love-and-happiness building sessions.

Our Heart-Love Practices – especially the principle `I AM’ technique – can be a more holistic, multi-sensory experience if you use an essential oil to accompany the sessions.

Here are seven essential oils that have proven to work extremely well to calm and concentrate the minds of kids and encourage them to embrace feelings of inner peace and stillness:

Top 7 Healing Essentials Oils For Children



• Spiritual Properties: Calm, Peace, Joy

• Scent Profile: Sweet and honeyed with green and spicy facets

The woody, floral fragrance of Neroli encourages self-acceptance and soothes confusion and fear in children. As one of the Angelic fragrances, Neroli lifts innocent minds out of the darkness of depression and heals emotional wounds with the angelic spirit of kindness and gentleness.



• Spiritual Properties: Clarity, Restoration, Balance

• Scent Profile: Mild, sweet citrus

Promotes vibrations of forgiveness when used during any meditative practice with children. This applies to the negative impacts of guilt and self-hatred as well. Often times, kids nurse deep emotional injuries that they find difficult to share, explain or even understand. Practicing heart-brain techniques with the Heart Love Pillow while inhaling the scent of pure Lemongrass oil helps to check the downward spiral and bring children back into forward-thinking mode again.



• Spiritual Properties: Balance, Tranquility, Wisdom

• Scent Profile: Musky and herbaceous

The aroma of Clary Sage imbues the inner spirit with an expansive awareness of love. Promotes contentment and self-love. Also an Angelic fragrance (like Neroli), Clary Sage awakens the angelic realm of the subconscious and is of great assistance during spiritual practices with children.



• Spiritual Properties: Happiness, Restoration, Protection

• Scent Profile: Complex, white floral

Yet another Angelic fragrance that resonates well with the innocent and accepting nature of children. The scent of Jasmine essential oil brings the heart’s deepest desires to the forefront. The happy, soothing properties of Jasmine work support belly breathing and other mind-regenerative exercises.



• Spiritual Properties: Reassurance, Evil-Eye Protection, Harmony

• Scent Profile: Sweet floral with balsamic undertones

Connect your children to the energy of Mother Earth by using Lavender during their Heart Love Pillow practices. Lavender essential oil awakens emotional harmony. It’s a vibration that brings awareness of support and companionship closer when children are in need of comfort, and they instinctively realize that they are never alone. The deeply calming attributes of Lavender promote good and restful sleep too.



• Spiritual Properties: Balance, Rebirth, Strength, Fortitude

• Scent Profile: Earthy, woody and slightly sweet

Cedarwood is a purifier, and beneficial for healing at both physical and spiritual levels. Eliminates blockages and toxins and helps to remove stagnation and negativity. It is an effective oil for overcoming bad habits. Cedarwood acts as a mood balancer during times of distress. Also aids in banishing nightmares.



• Spiritual Properties: Protection, Healing, Exorcism

• Scent Profile: Fresh, cryphre with mossy base notes

Sandalwood has one of the highest vibrations of any oil that resonates with all the energy chakras in our bodies and opens them for energy rebalancing. Breathing deep in sandalwood oil also creates a relaxed, meditative state of mind and is found to be a very soothing scent for children. If your kid is suffering from disturbed or broken sleep, try using Sandalwood during his/her Heart Love Pillow practice to ensure a restorative night of rest afterwards.

Cautions When Using Essential Oils With Children

1) There are many ways of using essential oils – such as diffusing, spraying, steaming etc. For our Heart-Love Plushie practices, we suggest the `dry evaporation’ method. Put several drops of your chosen essential oil in a piece of tissue or cotton ball and leave it close to your child during practice sessions. In addition, allow the child to inhale deeply from a cotton ball infused with oil that you have placed in a small, sealed container. A lot of children like to keep this `aroma box’ with them at all times. The diffusing method works well during our sessions too. Buy a diffuser and use it to infuse the air in the room with the essential oil of your choice during heart-love practices. Do not use the essential oils at other times, so the child unconsciously associates the aromatherapy with an expansive, altered mind state.

2) There are all kinds of cheap, diluted essential oil manufacturers on the internet who use phrases like “pure”, “100%” etc. to fool customers into buying their products. Do not go for the cheapest brand you can find because true benefits of aromatherapy can only be gained from true yield. Research the company you are purchasing from – and do not trust user reviews blindly. Most of these reviews are solicited and therefore not always truthful.

3) Do not buy a huge bottle right away. Find the smallest one and see if your child embraces the scent first. If not, try another, because every child is different.

4) Do not use essential oils on babies.