Why Heart Love?


Our children aren’t alright. Stress, loneliness and emotional disconnect are plaguing more children than we fully realize.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), one-fifth of kids in our country today report that they are chronic worriers, but only 3 per cent of parents admit that they know this. The APA findings reveal that symptoms of chronic stress in children is largely going unnoticed by parents, and left untreated, they are causing grave imbalances in their mental, emotional and physical health.

Without heart-brain harmony and tools to build self-awareness, self-regulation and inner peace, kids are internalizing stress and repressing negative responses in harmful ways that are leading to depression, substance abuse and relationship failures.

Our Mission

 The Heart Love Project strives to teach children how to live intuition-based, love-centered lives. If young people rely on the guidance of their hearts as they set goals, pursue dreams, and develop relationships, they will naturally establish equilibrium amongst the physical, psychological, and emotional forces that shape their identities and their participation in the world. Heart Love Project believes that children who choose this self-empowering approach to life and love will evolve into creative, compassionate, and confident adults.

Our Cause

• The Heart Love Project’s techniques help the individual in the short-term, but serve humanity in the long-term. Our purpose is to generate new populations of caring, giving children and adults who will nurture the earth with their love.

Heart Love recognizes and honors the human desire to achieve personal fulfillment. In order for people to find happiness, they must let go of stress and anxiety, stay motivated and disciplined, and form healthy, empathetic relationships. We know that a spiritually and imaginatively satisfying existence lies within reach of all people, whether they are youthful and inexperienced or seasoned and wise. By activating a life approach grounded in heart intelligence, or the connection between heart and mind, children and adults can allow their true potentials to unfold. We want to send these heart-driven individuals into the world to influence and inspire others.

Cultivated by our groundbreaking program, a love of this magnitude begins in the heart of an individual, but grows into a phenomenon as large and miraculous as humanity itself.

About Us

 Through the practice of simple, self-regulating techniques that fortify the connection between heart and mind, the Heart Love Project gives children and adults the opportunity to lead vibrant, generous, and productive lives.

When children are born, they exist in a coherent state, free of suffering. They know nothing of adult concerns such as stress, depression, anxiety, anger, and judgment. However, children begin to lose their grasp of internal peace, of equilibrium amongst their physical, psychological, and emotional systems, between the ages of 3 and 6. The task of assisting children in retaining the deep connection between their hearts and brains falls to us as parents, mentors, and educators. We must supply our children with the resources to strengthen and protect this connection. We must nurture their capabilities to choose appreciation and affection over pain and worry. We must ensure that they can trust the instincts of their heart, regardless of the external chaos that threatens to distract them.

Heart Love accelerates and deepens this process by bringing the most up-to-date and reliable methods for intensifying the heart-mind connection to private homes, communities, and schools, tutoring children and adults in effective strategies that prioritize the heart’s energy in the act of decision-making and personal expression.

Our Vision

• For centuries, literary scholars, philosophers, and theologians have been touting the importance of intuition, the heart’s bearing on one’s everyday and long-term decisions. Fortunately, this concept has been gaining greater leverage in recent years. The Heart Love Project is responding to the quickening pulse of this global movement by stepping in to facilitate the union between people’s intuition and the wider human community. People are craving permission to sign themselves over to their hearts, and HeartLove is here to grant it.

Heart Love aspires to evoke the agency of the heart in the daily routines of children and adults. Eventually, the sense of purpose that beats within individual hearts, minute by minute and hour by hour, will reverberate through the rest of the world, spurring heightened social and cultural awareness and ultimately, a revolution. Imagine if we all looked to the heart-mind connection for counsel: this dynamic would cause us to crave peace and to tap into our wit and ambition in order to procure it. From these actions would come solutions to the world’s most confounding dilemmas. The resulting gift to humanity would be a strategic and cooperative civilization, prepared to confront any and all challenges.

The promotion of heart intelligence starts with today’s youngest generation. The Heart Love Project equips children with the patience to slow down in the rush of life, to welcome the wisdom of their innermost voices into their daily choices, and to engage the fortitude necessary to problem-solve and to take charge of the future.

Heart Love aspires to build a cohesive and harmonious world, one heart at a time.