Why The Last 5 Minutes Are The Most Important Time Of The Day

Why The Last 5 Minutes Are The Most Important Time Of The Day

The last 5 minutes of the day – the short span of time when we are in bed and hovering between wakefulness and sleep — is a brainwave state called the `theta’. Poised between `beta’ (wakefulness) and `delta’ (sleep), this is the short period of time when we are most suggestible to hypnotic messages.

Therefore, the thoughts we think during these last 5 minutes are incredibly important in deciding how our next day is going to unfold.

We live in a fear-based world, and typically, when we’re ruminating during these last 5 minutes, our thoughts go over all the things that went wrong during that day. We think of the hurt feelings that a friend may have caused us. We remember the bad stuff that may have happened in office. We imagine what that friend would feel if we unfriended him or her on Facebook. We fantasize about getting back at the annoying boss who’s always picking on us at work and withholding our promotion.

We don’t even stop there. Our mind extrapolates the day’s problems into all the things that are currently going wrong in our lives. We pull out our deep fears, wallow in self pity, and we stay with these thoughts until we’re sucked into the delta state and finally fall asleep.

When we fall asleep, our conscious mind is at rest. But our subconscious mind is active and present, and it is marinating every piece of last information it got from us, to set up the future.

So what information did we give it to marinate on?

Our problems! Negative, disempowering thoughts. Feelings of loneliness and self-pity. Emotions loaded with pain and anger.

Is it any wonder then, that our next day is a reflection of those sad, bad sentiments and we’re energetically stuck in self-fulfilling negative events that in turn serve to further convince us that we are indeed unlucky?

At Heart Love Project, we are always stressing on the practice of I AM affirmations, and the last 5 minutes of the day is when they are extremely powerful because we are in the most receptive, theta state of awareness. But parents have to first understand and practice positive thinking themselves during the last 5 minutes, before they can teach their children this life-changing mental habit.

Say your favorite I AM affirmations and enjoy the joyful emotions that accompany them right before you fall asleep. Expect to wake up to a wonderful day and set up in such a way that your subconscious mind only gets to marinate on positive outcomes for the next eight hours.

Repeat the I AM affirmations for a few minutes the moment you wake up to seal the deal. Practice this habit every single day, and watch how it gradually transforms your whole life in the most wonderful ways.

Yes, at first, it may be a little hard. You cannot overturn a lifetime of negative thought practice in the first 5 minutes you try. But by staying vigilant, you will be able to notice when worries creep in to distract you from your I AM affirmations. Acknowledge them, let them go without judgement and carry on with the I AM statements. For example, “I am powerful”, “I am worthy”, “I am successful”, “I am loved” etc. Feel the emotions of power, worthiness, success and love as you say them.

Within a few weeks, this habit of consciously changing the internal dialogue during the last 5 minutes will become a habit. And your subconscious mind will create an energetic eco-system that attracts events and situations that support those positive statements you marinated on while you slept, and make them a joyful reality.

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