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At Heart Love Project, we help parents teach their children to rely on the best internal guidance system that resides in the heart. By strengthening the Heart Love connection with small, daily practices, it is a proven, scientific fact that children can discover their own inner harmony and embrace a lifestyle that is Heart-Brain programmed for happiness and success.

If We Want To Help, We Cannot Wait

1 in every 5 kids in America report that they are chronic worriers, but only 3 per cent of parents are aware that there’s something seriously wrong with their children. Symptoms of chronic stress in children is largely

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Emotional Learning Is Not Taught At Schools

Book education teaches the brain. Sports activities train the body. But the heart, where stimuli for all positive emotions reside, is largely ignored by our school system. Studies have shown that schools teaching happiness skills outperform mainstream schools

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Heart Love Can Be Practiced AT Home

Through our FREE Heart-Love Techniques, practiced in conjunction with the Heart-Love Plushies for just a few minutes a day, parents can bring a transformative change in the lives of their children by re-channeling their heart signals towards inner

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The Heart Rules The Brain. It’s A Scientific Fact

From childhood, we’re taught that brain should always rule the heart because the brain is the centre of intelligence, logic and clear thinking. Wrong.

Scientific research has now proved beyond doubt that the heart is an intelligent source that in fact sends more signals to the brain than the other way round.

And these heart signals don’t merely influence emotion-led decisions either. They affect our solution-finding skills, focusing skills and memory retention skills among many others.

I AM Affirmations

A Powerful Heart Love Technique

The practice of speaking positive I AM statements – such as “I Am Worthy”, “I Am Safe”, “I Am Lovable”, “I Am Successful” etc. – re-draws our neurological, Heart-Brain pathways and brings positive changes at a deep, cellular level. Science calls this phenomenon `brain plasticity’. It is the ability of the brain to modify its connections and re-wire itself.

When we practice saying positive “I AM” statements for a few minutes every day, our brain gradually begins to accept that information to be true.

Children are most susceptible to powerful I AM suggestions because their belief system is still young and immature. It is easier, therefore, to break down negative ideations and replace them with positive self-beliefs effectively and quickly.

Other Heart Love Techniques

Identifying Emotions

Children feel the whole spectrum of positive and negative emotions, just like we adults do. But if they are not taught to identify and understand those emotions, they cannot process them

Attitude Of Gratitude

Feeling blessed and living with a spirit of thankfulness empowers kids in significant, Heart-Brain connected ways that help them evolve as balanced and compassionate adults

Belly Breathing Yoga

The practice of belly breathing floods the body cells with 50x oxygen, and after a session of deep and controlled respiration, kids feel wonderfully uplifted physically and mentally

Random Acts Of Kindness

If kids are aware of the small acts of kindness they perform throughout the day, their heart channels open, they feel connected with the world, and their stress levels reduce remarkably


When children can process and resolve negative life incidents with Heart-Love principles, they can continue their journey into adulthood with minimum emotional scarring

Music Healing

This frequency of sound is capable of affecting such powerful and positive change that healing can take place at the DNA level, bringing peace, harmony and restored equilibrium

Self Love

Heaping praise on your kids does not teach them self-love. While parental support is important, self-love is an awareness that has to come from inside themselves


Using essential oils for healing aromatherapy is pretty well-known, but it is only recently that their beneficial impacts on children are being more deeply explored

Heart Love Plushies

Why Every Child Needs One

The Heart Love Plushies teach emotional equilibrium, and Heart Love and Heart-Brain balance. There are multiple ways to use it, and it is up to parents to decide which technique will best help their child.

It is our experience that children develop a relationship of deep respect and happy learning with their Plushie as time goes on.

They begin to believe in the Plushie’s (magic?) power to make them feel better when they’re sad, angry or upset. And they depend on their Plushie to have all the right answers – when in fact, the answers are coming through the `I AM’ and other affirmation practices done with the Plushies, that are designed to calibrate their heart-brain channels in the most advantageous ways.

Experience The `Magic’ Of The Heart Love Plushies

See what parents have to say

The self-awareness exercises on this website require the plushies. My grandkids love decorating their heart plushie with smiley faces and post-it notes. The techniques seem more fun because they enjoy the playful aspects of the exercises.

Tina Brady

I started using the `I AM’ technique as a way to do something constructive with my daughter, as well as spend more time with her. After 3 months of living and practicing with the Heart Love Pillow, I find that the two have become inseparable.

Chad Hudson

I got a plushie for myself, and the Heart Love practices are benefiting me as much as my daughter. After 6 weeks, I am waking up feeling more positive about the challenges of the day. The plushies are effective for adults too!

Alicia Ellen

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